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GesPack, the ERP for packaging industries

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A business-driven software

software ERP papermaker corrugator converter

Whether you are paper maker, corrugator, converter, printer, platemaker, diemaker, paper or plastic bags maker or enveloppes, GesPack ERP is made for you.

Indeed, we give great importance to GesPack for making it perfectly suited to the businesses it is designed for, while remaining multipurpose with the flat and the corrugated cardboard.

A flexible solution

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We organized our ERP in five modules :

Those modules include several applications that you can use at your convenience.

An open software package

open software specific developpement

In addition to the applications already implemented in GesPack, our development team is working on your specific requests in order to meet your accurate needs.

That's why we used to work hand in hand with our customers.

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An industrial computing expertise

industrial computing interface management

Our core business is the human ↔ machine interfacing, the applications development including companies specific needs and the functionnal maintenance of our applications package within your factories.

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